fortnite: Battle Royale players are now in a worldwide quest to dig out treasure chests from big dirt chunks near Paradise Palms.

fortnite: Battle Royale players are now in a worldwide quest to dig out treasure chests from big dirt chunks near Paradise Palms.

Last night, a few players spotted an area west of Paradise Palms with a few bulldozers facing a square that had dirt inside it. You could hear the sound of treasure chests coming from underneath the dirt, so players started hitting chunks with their pickaxes hoping to uncover them.

They found that each dirt chunk has 500 million health points, but that their health was decreasing passively over time.

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Whenever a player hits one of these dirt chunks in a v buck generator match, they seem to be globally reducing the health of that chunk to all players. That means the passive health decrease is caused by other players hitting these same chunks in their matches across the world, and whatever happens to these chunks for a player is happening to all others at the same time.

Destroying a dirt chunk seems to be irreversible. We have spotted this morning that two treasure chests have been exposed and that other chunks are rapidly decreasing in health. After all dirt chunks are destroyed, players will have collectively changed a small area of the Fortnite island for good. It’s unclear at this time if there’s more items or areas under the dirt chunks.

A similar event happened in season seven, when players destroyed an iceberg southwest of Happy Hamlet by hitting it with their pickaxes. At that time, all they uncovered was a bunker that had nothing special about it and still doesn’t. Players were unable to go inside it and find if there was more to it.

This time, though, Fortniteplayers might at least create an interesting area with lots of treasure chests to open once the digging is over.

Fortnite’s World Cup will begin in earnest on April 13

Epic Games said that Fortnite continues to grow, hitting up at an impressive 250 million players even here in the wake of Apex Legends. Good news for Epic but perhaps not so good news for you, gentle reader that might be thinking about entering in the Fortnite v buck generator World Cup. That’s because if you want to walk away with some portion of the World Cup’s $30 million prize pool, you’re going to have to be one of a very small number of players that rises above literally every other player in the entire world of Fortnite. And, as we just noted, there are 250 million of them.

Fortnite’s World Cup will begin in earnest on April 13, when qualifying rounds will determine who moves on through several rounds of competition to the finals in New York City. Things will start with an Arena mode, a new way to play that we don’t have a lot of details on yet, but which sounds a lot like the sort of ranked play we can see in any number of other games. Arena Mode will be constantly enabled during the qualifying period, and those who “climb to the top”, as per Epic, will move on to the Online Open Semi-Finals. It’s a bit unclear what that phrase means, but my guess is that Epic v buck generator will need a different kind of scoring system rather than the ones it has used in the past.

After that, the Online Open Semi-Finals and Finals will award a modest $1,000,000 prize pool to top performers using what seems like a more traditional 3-hour window and scoring system. The real prize, however, will be the ability to gain an invitation to the World Cup in New York City, where the real money is being handed out. Each server region will have a certain number of players that will qualify for the World Cup and the $30,000,000 prize pool that it entails.

The open qualifying system is actually sort of a risk for Epic v buck generator and the still-nascent Fortnite esports scene. It means that unknown or younger players have a shot–albeit a meager one–at achieving dreams of fame and wealth, but it means that the game’s most recognizable personalities might not actually qualify for the World Cup, and random 13-year-olds just don’t have the same sort of pull as Ninja. Still, that’s the charm of battle royale: at the start of every match, everyone is equal.

Apex & Fortnite’s Battle Pass share a lot of similarities

Apex Legend blew up over a month ago as the next big game due to its free-to-play model and AAA design by Respawn. The game features clean first person shooter mechanics, fast run speeds, and a “down, but not out” feature.

The first Season begins for Apex on March 19th after a long delay in content from the developer. The news has excited many fans and will undoubtedly be a huge money-maker for the game.

The Battle Pass in Apex’s first season is very similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass. The move makes sense because the Battle Pass has turned out to be a popular way of delivering earned content for dedicated players.

So, since the system is similar, we thought we would make a direct comparison between Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass and the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass.

May the best Battle Pass win.

Direct Comparison
Who wore it best, Fortnite or Apex Legends?

Apex & Fortnite’s Battle Pass share a lot of similarities, but we want to see what sets them apart free v bucks generator.

Both cost the exact same amount of money to buy at 950 Apex Coins/V-Bucks for the standard Pass or 2800 for the 25 “free” tiers.

Now, let’s move onto looking at the so-called trash or junk items in each game. Every Battle Pass has some filler to ensure players feel some sort of progression throughout the pass.

Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass includes 40% trash items (Sprays, 
Sprays, Emoticons, Player Banners, and Loading Screens).

Apex Legends’ Battle Pass includes 45% trash items (Stats Trackers, Player Frames, and Badges).

Total items come out to 115 for Fortnite and 126 for Apex Legends, but Fortnite has 134when you take into account the different skin styles that can be unlocked for seasonal skins.

Epic Baller is a hamster ball-like vehicle that comes equipped with a Boost and a Grappler for rapid mobility

The Baller is a hamster ball-like vehicle that comes equipped with a Boost and a Grappler for rapid mobility–Epic describes using these two abilities to “to pull yourself up cliffs or swing through the trees.” While inside this single-seat ball, you’re protected from damage, but the vehicle itself can see its 300 health depleted by enemy fire. Find The Baller at Expedition Outposts and around pirate camp loot stashes.

Vending Machines now work slightly differently since the 8.10 update; they no longer cost anything to activate, but they will self-destruct after one use. They are also rarer now, as common and uncommon Vending Machines have been removed from the game. Previously, Vending Machines required depositing a large amount of building materials in order to receive a corresponding reward.

Heavy Assault Rifles have also had their rarities adjusted: they can now be found in common, uncommon, and rare varieties–the epic and legendary editions are no more.

A new LTM named The Getaway is now live, which involves locating a jewel and then delivering it to a getaway vehicle before anyone else can. Four jewels and as many as four vans are on the map at a time. Notably, with most of Fortnite’s vehicles having been vaulted at the start of Season 8, this mode brings back the All-Terrain Kart, or ATK, due to the fact that it’s the only vehicle that can carry four people.

Also of note is a change to cross-play matchmaking, provided you opt in to it. PS4 and Xbox One players are now put together in one pool, while Nintendo Switch players have been moved from that group to one with players on mobile. This is now the default setting for standard game modes, meaning you’ll be engaging in cross-play in most cases on these platforms.

“We expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players,” Epic fortnite v bucks generator explained. “Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations. Please provide us with feedback on your experience!”

Finally, Epic has made some adjustments to certain skins. You can see all the details about this and the rest of the changes to Fortnite’s Battle Royale portion at the bottom of this story; for the full patch notes of other modes, check out the Fortnite blog.

Nvidia claims that if you’ve got a top of the line GPU, your kill/death ratio in battle royal titles like Fortnite

While it seems obvious that using a more powerful graphics processor, along with a high refresh rate monitor means that you’d be able to run things a lot more easily – and with regards to fortnite v bucks generatorwe’ve been here before – cynics are gonna cynic and will be quick point out that of course a company that sells graphics cards is going to tell you to buy the best one you can afford.

That said, it’s worth taking a peek at Nvidia’s working, and see how they arrived at their high fps = a top heavy kills-to-death ratio result.  

Taking anonymised data from recorded GeForce Experience Highlights sessions, Nvidia created median player profiles based on each generation of its GPUs going all the way back to the GeForce GTX 600 Series cards as a baseline.

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Nvidia said that players using newer RTX 20 Series graphics cards enjoyed a 53% higher K/D ratio compared to those using GTX 600 cards. It’s worth noting that when it released the new GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, Nvidia revealed that around two thirds of gamers currently use GTX 900 series cards.

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Based on the below data, folks with Nvidia GPUs are around 29% better at Fortnite than people using the baseline GPU – but they’re also 24% less good than someone playing on a rig based around a new 20 Series card.

You should note that the entry for the 20 Series doesn’t include the newer, and less-powerful RTX 2060 card, so that 53% jump isn’t entirely representative.

Nvidia also looked at the number of hours players sunk into PUBG and Fortnite to see if grinding accounted for anything.

Interestingly, Big Green’s own data shows that if you’ve got a less powerful card, someone playing for 40 hours a week, should be able to frag someone who only has the time to squeeze in 5 hours a week, even if they’re rocking a more capable GPU.

Gaps in K/D performance appear to widen over time, so if you’re able to put in the hours and invest in a beefier system, you’re golden. Nvidia says this is due to players becoming better attuned to the benefits afforded to you by being able to play at higher frame rates, as well as, well, practicing.

Rounding this out is data which shows that the average gamer playing battle royale games using 10 Series and the higher-end 20 Series cards playing on 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz monitors.

The sample of players Nvidia looked at here were running games at 1080p, which makes sense, as lower resolutions means you can play games at higher frame rates. Dialling down texture settings also helps in this regard, but it’s unclear from Nvidia’s post what other graphics settings were turned on or off here.

the Terrorbyte truck is the most useful and important part of this new GTA Online update

While it might not be the most exciting addition, the Terrorbyte truck is the most useful and important part of this new GTA Online update. The Terrorbyte is similar to the previously added Mobile Operations Center, though less focused on death and destruction. The biggest selling point of the new Terrorbyte isn’t a bunch of turrets or missiles. Instead, it’s how it connects into GTA Online’s businesses.

Without a Terrorbyte, GTA 5 APK Online businesses involve a lot of driving around and downtime. The current loop for businesses like gunrunning or smuggling, forces players to drive to a location, activate a mission, drive to that location, grab an item or car, then drive to another location to drop it off. To do more missions for that business players then have to drive back to the business HQ and start the process again. If you want to switch businesses, like doing some drug smuggling instead of stealing cars, you have to drive to the other business location and start the new mission.

The Terrorbyte streamlines all of this by consolidating all your businesses into a mobile location. A simple computer in the back of the truck allows CEOs and VIPs to start business missions anywhere on the map. After only a few hours with the Terrorbyte my friends and I can’t imagine going back to the old system. This business consolidation doesn’t come cheap—the Terrorbyte costs a minimum $1.3 million before upgrades and modifications. But for players looking to grind faster, the Terrorbyte is worth the money.

The Terrorbyte also has a fun feature that allows the driver or passenger to scan nearby players to find out about them, almost like Watch Dogs. I’m not sure how useful this feature is, but I did have fun seeing how many times friends and randos had gotten lap dances.

If you do decide to spend some extra cash on a Terrorbyte, you can unlock the ability to mess around with another new toy added to GTA Online: a remotely operated drone. At a whopping $815,000, the drone isn’t cheap either.

Image result for gta 5 mobile

The new drone comes with two basic abilities. It can shock other players and NPCs, causing them to fall over and take damage. It can blow up, killing anyone near it. So far I haven’t found much use for these abilities other than having some fun with friends. The drone is so small that it’s really hard to spot, and you can’t lock on to it using missile launchers. The drone is really fragile; at one point I broke my drone just by flying into my friend. Another time my drone was crushed by a car door while chasing an escaping friend. If you destroy your drone, you have to wait 59 seconds before you can summon a new one. It also has a limited range before it stops working. While the drone is fun to play with, it really doesn’t feel like it is worth nearly a million dollars.

The other big new vehicle added in this latest update is the Oppressor Mk. II, a flying jet bike that looks like it fell out of Star Trek. The new jet bike has already got a reputation online, where players have feared its arrival for weeks. Now that the bike is live in the wild, I too was nervous about the online lobbies of GTA Online.

Never use V-Buck generators; the only legitimate way to get free V-Bucks is in-game

Users may play ‘Fortnite’ online across multiple gaming and computer platforms where the objective is to be the last player standing in this survival game that pits users against zombie-like creatures. The game is rated as suitable for children aged 12 and over, but its popularity has unwittingly attracted scammers who trick young and experienced users alike into disclosing their personal and identifying data or their parents’ credit card and billing information.

Players use V-Bucks to purchase game upgrades such as characters, outfits, weapons or in-game dance options, which have been the subject of viral sensations. Users can earn the currency by completing game achievements, or they may purchase V-Bucks with real-world funds. V-Bucks are not necessary to play Fortnite, however, the most common free v bucks generator scams involve offers of free or discounted V-Bucks.

AG Ford offers these tips: 

• Only use official Fortnite websites including and for any purchases related to this game. Do not click on links that redirect you to third-party websites;

• Never use V-Buck generators; the only legitimate way to get v bucks free is in-game;

• Do not share personal information, identifying data or account information online;

• Use a strong password for the game login and two-factor authentication when available;

• Do not share login credentials with friends; and

• Avoid using debit cards for purchases. Credit cards offer greater security protections and are not linked to an account with finite money.

Users who believe they have been victimized by a Fortnite scam are encouraged to submit a detailed report on the Fortnite support page and contact their credit card company to dispute charges.